The Gas Master Plan (GMP)

With the background of having the 7th largest natural gas reserves and gas quality that is low in sulphur and rich in natural gas liquid, the Government of Nigeria has noted that with a focussed dedication to gas exploration, Nigeria can project to the 4th largest gas producer in the world.

To address this focus, the government is dedicated to a strategic plan that aggressively expands the gas sector. The focus will be on:

1) Unlocking all both discovered and undiscovered gas reserves.
2) Increase the development of domestic gas market.
3) Place Nigeria in a position that it can compete in pricing and have high value export market.

In order to achieve these aspirations, the government is seeking investors as partners under the Nigerian Gas Master Plan (NGMP). The NGMP comprises of 3 sections:

1) The Gas Pricing Policy:  This policy is to create a structured pricing to accelerate domestic, industrial and commercial growth.
2) The Domestic Gas Supply obligation Regulations:  The assurance of gas availability for critical domestic gas utilization projects for advancement of economic growth.
3) The Gas Infrastructure Blueprint:  Facilitates the development of both proven and undiscovered reserves, enhances gas penetration to both domestic and export market.

The blueprint is to guide all future gas infrastructure development in Nigeria. Newcross Petroleum Limited is committed to the Nigeria Gas Master Plan. For further information on the Nigeria Gas Master Plan or to look into investment potentials, please visit or email us at

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