Seismic Acquisition Campaign

Newcross Petroleum Limited (NPL) contracted Integrated Data Services Limited/United Geophysical Nigeria Limited (IDSL/UGNL) JV 175 Seismic Crew in the month of September 2010, to commence a 6-Months 3-D seismic exploration campaign on Newcross OPL 283 onshore asset in the Central Part of the Niger Delta Basin of Nigeria. The total coverage area was a 3-D with a nominal full fold Multiplicity of 5400% (contributed by cross-Lines six (6) fold by in-line 9-fold) to capture deeper events in the subsurface that would generate prospective prospects for a viable exploration investment by the company. All consideration on cost management, risk mitigation, security, environmental and community development were taken into full account during this project. The Prospect area straddles between Edo and Delta States respectively. With a total of almost fifty (50) communities permitted during the project, Newcross had a strong impact on the growth of these communities using its JV Contractor to expand capacity projects.

The Crew commenced operations on the 15th of September 2010, after permitting all the prospect communities while conducting detailed survey of the prospect areas, fixing and defining GPS (Global Positioning Systems) to ensure proper positioning of source and receivers for each swath (seismic lines) that define the areas of coverage on the surface. They made significant progress into drilling phase which lasted from the 8th of October 2010 to the 23rd of March 2011.

Data Acquisition started on the 25th of November,2010 with a deterministic experiment shot for a 5hole x 4m depth patterns in dry terrains and 5holes x 6m depth pattern flushing in wet terrains. One of the landmark achievements of the project was the no. LTI recorded during the operations on the eight (8) swaths that spanned the prospect domains. A total of 4.20 seconds was achieved as maximum time achieved in terms of TWT (two-way-time) of seismic signals returns from the subsurface interfaces.

The acquisition of this data was possible with the engagement of a total workforce of about 900 workers consisting of drillers, surveyors, seismologist, HSE, Contact men etc., with full supervision by the Newcross Project Management team set up to ensure quality for money was achieved with a total of 1,451,230 cumulative man-hours expended. It is significant to mention that with all the sweats, heavy rain pours and climatic variations which the crew had to deal with, the ultimate objective of the data survey campaign was achieved, which is good quality 3-D Seismic, with good resolution, right frequency contents and well defined structural orientation of subsurface structures for a prospective exploration campaign.

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