Egbaoma Marginal Field (OML 38)

With 40 % participating interest in the field, the Egbaoma field commenced activities under the Operatorship of Platform Petroleum in 2007 following a farm out by SPDC. As at 2012, the gas commercialization plan of the field is in place via a 30mmscf/day LPG/Propane facility in which Newcross currently holds a minority interest.

  • With over one million-hours no Lost Time due to Injuries (LTI), the field has remained in operation consistently since commencement of operations.
  • With the fourth CDM registered project in Nigeria titled “Recovery and marketing of gas that would otherwise be flared at the Egbaoma Marginal Field, Nigeria”, the company remains on track to generate certified emission reduction credits.
administratorEgbaoma Marginal Field (OML 38)