Corporate and Social Responsibility

Community Engagement Model

Our community engagement policy popularly known as the Newcross “growing together” plan is aimed at identifying, understudying, ranking, developing and assisting in sustaining developmental projects that add value to our hosts’ community parallel to our growth and development within their community.

While phase 2A projects are short term projects, phase 2B projects are projects evolved and developed by hosts (with the corporate support) but ultimately managed by host communities in a sustainable model.

Our organization acknowledges the cultural diversity and heritage amongst the people both within our business and operating environment. We also ensure that we maintain a clear line of communication in our engagement interface, which adheres to simplified process of objective evaluation for all its CSR projects. This is done via Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA), followed by an adopted responsive intervention approach. This ultimately creates a positive impact on the socio-economic needs of the host community. This is an integral part of our corporate strategy; focusing on short term and long term/sustainable goals.

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